Turning Data into Dollars™

KnowWare International, Inc.

Jay Arthur Lean Six Sigma consultant with Improvement ProjectCorporate Vision: A hassle-free customer experience in America and around the world. What would happen if there were never any mistakes, errors or problems with any product or service you purchased? What if there was no fire fighting or crisis management? What if everything was hassle-free!

Corporate Mission: To help business employees in companies small and large, service and manufacturing learn how to cut costs, boost profits and maximize productivity by Turning Data Into Dollars using Microsoft Excel.

We want everyone to learn how to FISH for cost reductions and profit improvements using the Magnificent Seven Tools:

  • Focus - Laser-focus to pinpoint the 4% of any business that produces over half of the waste, rework, and lost profit (the 4-50 Rule).
  • Improve - Reduce or eliminate delay, defects and deviation in all business processes.
  • Sustain the Improvement - Use Performance Chartss to measure, monitor and sustain new levels of performance.
  • Honor Your Progress - recognize, reward and refocus on the next 4%.

Unfortunately, most approaches to performance improvement take too long and cost too much. Most software is too expensive and hard to use. Jay has found that a handful of tools, used in the right order can create breakthrough improvements without weeks of training and expensive software.

There's Big Money in Small Data, but most people don't know how to find it. That's why I created the Turning Data Into Dollars System and ChartSmartXL, to simplify and accelerate problem solving and performance improvement. Most problems can be solved in hours, not weeks, if you approach the problem in the right way.

Our products consist of software, books and training videos for performance improvement. Our ChartSmartXL is an affordable, easy-to-use Excel add-in for all of your data mining, analysis and chartingneeds.

Jay Arthur, President and CEO

Jay Arthur developer of ChartSmartXL

Jay Arthur, the KnowWare Man, teaches people how to Turn Data Into Dollars using Excel and the Magnificent Seven Tools.

Jay is first and foremost a Money Belt; he knows how to use data to fix broken processes to save time and money. Jay has 30 years experience developing software on everything from mainframes to PCs and over 25 years of performance improvement in companies ranging from healthcare to manufacturing to telecommunications.

Jay is the author of Lean Six Sigma Demystified and Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals..

Jay is also the creator of  ChartSmartXL, an Excel Add-in that leverages the power of Microsoft Excel to do the data mining and draw all of the charts and graphs needed for performance improvement.

In Jay’s Own Words

I spent 21 years working in various parts of the Bell System, one of the biggest and best cash cows of the last century. Like most businesses, managers and employees used trial and error—the slowest method of improvement—to reveal common sense ways to cut costs and boost profits.

In subsequent years I lead teams that, in a matter of months:

  • Saved $20 million in postage expense.
  • Saved $16 million in adjustment costs.
  • Reduced order errors in a wireless company from 17% to 3% in just four months, saving $250,000 a month in rework.
  • Reduced denied insurance claims in a healthcare system that saved $330,000 a month with simple process changes that could be implemented immediately.
  • Trained a toll road team that saved $1.5 million in expenses their first year and an additional $1 million per year over the following two years.

I have over 30 years of experience in aligning people, process and technology in a wide variety of environments to deliver bottom-line business results. How can I help you? Do you need to:

  • Reduce or eliminate the three silent killers of productivity and profitability: delay, defects and deviation?
  • Increase profits by plugging the leaks in your cash flow?
  • Simplify, streamline and automate monthly reporting, defect tracking, and supplier analysis?
  • Improve communication by reducing conflict and confusion?
Reach Jay directly at 1-888-208-4554 or (303) 757-2039 or at jay@chartsmartxl.com.