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About Jay Arthur and KnowWare International, Inc.

Jay Arthur, Lean Six Sigma Resultant, Denver, CO, USAKnowWare International Inc. was founded by Jay Arthur in 1992 in Denver Colorado. Jay Arthur, The KnowWare® Man, is the owner and president.

Jay Arthur's Story

Jay Arthur with Improvement ProjectI spent 21 years working in various parts of the Bell System-one of the biggest and best cash cows of the last century. Like most businesses, managers and employees used trial-and-error–the slowest method of improvement-to reveal common sense ways to better the business.

I've spent the last 25 years helping companies save millions of dollars and reduce hassle for customers and employees alike. I've spent months in classes learning all of the methods and tools of Lean Six Sigma and all kinds of improvement methods.

I quickly realized that the statistics and math required would frighten many phone company employees. Most had no more than a high school education. It also frightened many college-educated employees as well. So, I started to figure out how to simplify the methods and tools to help everyone embrace performance improvement. I created ChartSmartXL™, an Excel-based tool, that acts like it went to college and took statistics so that you wouldn't have to.

I have found that you don't need to know Six Sigma to get breakthrough improvements. A handful of tools used in the right order will deliver stunning improvements in productivity and profitability. Every one of the multimillion dollar projects I worked on followed exactly the same step-by-step process to get massive results in minimal time. And I want you to learn my secrets of million dollar improvements.

And you can. All you need is ChartSmartXL and the Turning Data Into Dollars System.

Jay Arthur Excel GuruTo your success,.
Jay Arthur
Jay Arthur


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