ChartSmartXL Data Mining, Chart and Statistical Wizards

Built-in Rules So You Don't Have to Memorize Them

  • Confused About Which Chart or Statistic to Choose and Use?

  • Not Sure How to Organize or Summarize Thousands of Rows of Data.

  • You Are Not Alone!

What if math and statistics were easy?

Unfortunately, most people are terrified of math and statistics. To reach a much wider audience, I've found that the ChartSmartXL have to help people over the hurdle of charting and statistical analysis. I've also found that people learn what charts to choose a lot more quickly when the ChartSmartXL helps them draw some charts. The same is true of statistics.

That's Why We Created The ChartSmartXL Wizards

They are easy to spot on the ChartSmartXL Menu:

ChartSmartXL wizards with built in selection rules


ChartSmartXL Wizards

    Data Mining Wizard will take any table of data about defects and turn it into performance charts and Pareto Charts ready for analysis.

    Chart Wizard will analyze your data and choose the right charts for you. It saves you time and mistake proofs the chart selection process. Spend your time on more important things like analyzing the charts after they are drawn.

    Performance Chart Wizard will analyze your data and choose the right Performance Chart for you: c, np, p, u, XmR, XbarR or XbarS.

    PivotTable Wizard will take up to four columns of tabular data and summarize them using Excel's PivotTable function. I have found that almost everyone is baffled by how to use PivotTables, but all of my multimillion dollar improvement projects have sprung from PivotTable Analysis.

    Statistics Wizard will analyze your data and choose the right hypothesis tests for you. Hypothesis testing can seem pretty complex and challenging, but it basically wants to know if the means and variances of two or more samples are the same or different. The Stat Wizard will figure it out and tell you in no uncertain terms. No more p values to evaluate.

If you already know what chart or statistic you need, you can select it from the ChartSmartXL menu. The Wizards are designed to help beginners learn the tools and "old hands" remember what tool to use if they forgotten which one to use.

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