Pareto Chart in Excel

Still Using Primitive Line and Bar Charts in Your Business?

Line and bar charts are like an evening news anchor, they can only report what happened, but can't give you any insights into how or why it happened.

With Pareto charts it's like a line graph and a bar chart had a baby who was smarter than either of its parents.

Instead of a simple bar chart, Pareto charts sort the bars in descending order so that the biggest problems show up on the left side of the chart. Instead of a simple line graph, Pareto charts use the size of each bar to calculate a cumulative line graph showing how much each bar adds to the overall problem.

Often, two or three "big bars" represent most of the problem. If any of the first three bars is over 20% of the total problem, ChartSmartXL will color code them so that you can focus on fixing the biggest problem first. If you look at the example below, Folded Flaps, Bent Flaps and Carton won't open represent 67.5% of the overall problem.
Fix the worst first!

What is a Pareto Chart?

Example of Pareto Diagram Created Using ChartSmartXL

Pareto Chart in Excel created by ChartSmartXL Add-in

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ChartSmartXL Creates a Pareto Chart in Three Easy Steps

how to draw a pareto chart in excel

  1. Point - select your Pareto data in an Excel worksheet
  2. Click – on the ChartSmartXL menu and choose the Pareto Chart
  3. Analyze and Improve –the ChartSmartXL will do the math and draw the chart for you. Any bar that represents more than 20% of the total will be shaded.

I really like ChartSmartXL. The Pareto chart alone is worth the purchase price.

- Mike Dean, Ellwood Texas Forge

Advantages of Using ChartSmartXL vs Excel to Create a Pareto

ChartSmartXL™ Pareto Chart

It's easy to create a Pareto diagram in Excel using the ChartSmartXL:

  1. Just click and drag to select your data
  2. then click on the ChartSmartXL menu and Pareto.
  3. ChartSmartXL will perform the calculations and Excel formatting and will draw the Pareto for you.

ChartSmartXL pareto chart excel


Compatible with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2016 (Mac)

I have purchased ChartSmartXL and now amaze my friends and co-workers with the ease and speed of my Pareto charts and other stats.

— Bob Miller, Training Manager, SETECH, Inc

To create a Pareto Chart Excel using ChartSmartXL...

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