Performance Chart Types

What's the Difference Between Variable and Attribute Performance Charts?

One uses measured data; the other uses counts.

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Variable (e.g., measured time, weight, length, money, etc.)

Variable Performance Charts use measurements (time, money, length, width, depth, weight, etc.).
When looking at data, variable measurements often have one or more decimal places (e.g., 74.05).

The most common type of variable Performance Charts are X charts:

Attribute (e.g., counted defects, mistakes, errors, etc.)

Attribute type Performance Charts use counted data (number of defects, mistakes, errors, injuries, etc.)
When looking at your data, attribute data is always an integer (e.g., 1, 3, 5).

Common attribute type Performance Charts include:

  • c Chart
  • np Chart
  • p Chart (fraction defective) and q Chart
  • u Chart (number defective)

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