Paste Link Transpose in Excel

Paste Link and Transpose at the Same Time Using the ChartSmartXL

Purpose: Pastes and Links Excel data into a new worksheet.

Excel provides a paste link and a paste transpose function, but it won't do both at the same time. The ChartSmartXL Paste Link and Paste Link Transpose functions take any size table and paste link it into a new sheet. Both use formulas to prevent putting zeros instead of blanks in linked cells.

Here is how the Paste Link Transpose Function Works:

Just select your original data (6X6)

Then click on the ChartSmartXL menu and select Data Transformation Tools and then Paste Link or Paste Link Tranpose.


The ChartSmartXL will open a new sheet in your workbook with the data linked to the old sheet and transposed if you selected Paste Link Transpose. Here is an example of the above data transposed in a new sheet. (Note formula that links the data to cells in the original sheet named "box cox")

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