Unstack and Restack Data in Excel

The ChartSmartXL Data Transformation Tools Allow You to Stack and Unstack Your Data in Excel

Unstack Tables Using Labels

Unstack by Labels takes any size table and unstacks it based on the labels in column A.

Original data (Labels in Column A, Data in Column B) 
unstacked into D1:E5 (by Region 1 and 2)

Unstack Labels by Subgroup

Another way to do this is to unstack by subgroup size. Using any number of columns, Unstack by Subgroups will use the number of samples per subgroup (in this case 4) and unstack the data.

Stack Data by Columns

Sometimes you need to stack columns of data. By specifying the number of columns to stack, the ChartSmartXL will take the S1:S2 data above and transform it back into a single column (leaving the side-by-side data as well:

Restack Excel tables from JxK to MxN

Stack and Restack takes any size table and switches the data from one size table to a new size.

Original data (6X6)

Resulting data (3X12)