Solutions to Business Problems

Is This Your Business?

  • Customers complain about your product or service?
  • Losing customers to faster, better cheaper competitors?
  • Too much crisis management?
  • Hanging onto customers requires daily heroics?
  • Everything takes too long?
  • There are too many mistakes and errors that cost you time, money and customers?
  • Your product or service is so inconsistent that you spend too much time correcting, fixing, redoing or replacing it?

You are not alone! Every business has these problems, but few businesses know how to fix them forever.

The Three Silent Killers of Productivity and Profitability

Every business suffers from three problems that devour a third or more of total revenue. Let me say that again: A third or more of total revenue is spent to fix problems. What are the three silent killers?

Delay, Defects and Deviation.


Unnecessary delays start with the initial order and continue through delivery, invoicing, payment, support. In fact, employees are only working on the order for 3 minutes out of every hour. The other 57 minutes are unnecessary delays. I call this the 3-57 Rule.

For every 15 minutes per hour you reduce delay, research shows that you will double productivity and boost profit margins by 20%—the 15-2-20 Rule.

In less than a day, I helped one computer operations group cut batch processing from nine hours to just one. I helped a hospital lab cut seven hours of delay out their 24 hour day. 

What exotic tool do you need to start finding and eliminating these delays? The humble Post-It Note and a flipchart. With these two tools, it's not unusual to reduce response times by 90%


Every business process—orders, invoices, purchases, payments, etc.—creates unnecessary defects.

As little as 4% of any business (one step in 25) causes over 50% of the defects—the 4-50 Rule.

In five days, I helped one hospital group reduce denied insurance claims by $5,000,000 a year. I helped a wireless phone company reduce order errors from 17% to 3% with just seven days of analysis saving $3,000,000 a year.

With a little data analysis, you can easily find and eliminate these defects. Slashing the cost of fixing these defects boosts profits because all of the money goes straight to the bottom line.

Data analysis used to be difficult, but with ChartSmartXL, defect analysis can be fast, affordable and effective. 


Every service business experiences variability in how long it takes to deliver its service. Every manufacturing business makes products that are a little too big or small, short or long, narrow or wide, and so on.

This variability causes unnecessary rework and waste for the manufacturer and the customer. Reducing deviation from the customer's target value reduces costs, boosts profits and grows business.

Again, a little data analysis can pinpoint the causes of deviation and find ways to eliminate them. 

Turning Data Into Dollars System

You may have heard of Lean Six Sigma and worried that it would take too long, cost too much and not deliver the results you need quickly enough. I understand. The current "big business" implementations of Lean Six Sigma don't work for most businesses.

Most Lean Six Sigma training is overkill. Too many methods and too many tools taught over too many weeks.

  • So I reduced the methods and tools down from the 100s taught in most courses to what I call the Magnificent Seven; they will solve 99% of typical business problems. With these key tools you can start getting results immediately. 
  • I've put up free video training online to make it easy to learn what I call the Money Belt methods and tools. 
  • And I've eliminated the need to understand math and statistics by building them into the ChartSmartXL software.

If your business suffers from one or more of these three silent killers of productivity and profitability, we offer a variety of solutions that will help you reduce or eliminate delay, defects and deviation forever.

Haven't you waited long enough to start permanently eradicating the three silent killers of productivity and profitability?

Haven't you waited long enough to start boosting profits without having to increase sales?

Aren't your customers tired of putting up your sluggish, error-prone performance?

Aren't you tired of the constant firefighting and crisis management that devours your day and prevents you from getting to the important work still waiting for you?

Don't you want to save yourself months or years of startup costs and start getting results immediately?

Learn the Magnificent Seven tools and start using them to eliminate delay, defects and deviation forever. It will help make your company unbeatable and help create an unstoppable economy.

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